GLORY DAYS at Tipi Bookshop in Brussel

Happy to announce GLORY DAYS is available for all people from Brussel at Tipi Bookshop for self-published books!!Thank you Andrea Copetti for your interest in the photobook since the Fotobook Festival in Milan 2013 and giving GLORY DAYS a place to stay in Belgium!

Want to visit Tipi Bookshop?
186 rue Hôtel des monnaies
1060 StGilles,
Brussels, Belgium

OPENING hours:
The Tipi is open from thursday till saturday, from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Le Tipi est ouvert du jeudi au samedi, de 10h à 17h.

And check out the really nice catalogue of books!

Or visit on facebook: Tipi Bookshop

Sending perks completed…

Dear Crowdfunders,
everybody should have her or his perks till this point. I hope you’re happy with the book, the postcards or posters.
image(order it at Amazon or MZIN bookstore)

Thank you so much for support all the way!
Wishing you the best and GLORY DAYS!

New Website coming soon!

After all the GLORY DAYS and exhibiting with Maria Schumacher in Hamburg at MARIAMARIA, I’ll relaxe for a couple of days.
But THEN: New Website coming soon!



Happy Birthday, Anthony Perkins! (April 4, 1932)

(Source: anthonyperkns)

Between …

The opening of the exhibition MARIAMARIA with Maria Schumacher was wonderfull. It was attended by a lot of people from different places and different eras of my life. The gallery Raum für Kunst Fett6 is close to a restaurant my parents opended in the early 80’s, so the audience included restaurant guests from years ago, I hadn’t seen some of the people in over 20 years. My lovely friends Susa and Peter came over from England, and Koko and the Gang from Leipzig, too. My sweet friend Ellie bought herself a white dress for the occasion and my Love saw me exhibiting my art works for the first time. And I want to thank you all so much for effort and wonderfull time you spent with me last week!
I also sold copies of GLORY DAYS. Graphic designer Paul Bowler and I were still positively surprised about the huge impact the black pages made on the buyers. Someone came to us and said the black doublepage is his favourite one. It is available on the website of Mzin bookstore and soon in Belgium at Tipi bookstore.
But there is still a lot to do. And stay tuned, after all the GLORY DAYS and MARIAMARIA a new website is coming soon!

All the best from Hamburg! Maria


Exhibition: MARIAMARIA

So tomorrow will be the next event in my marathonian march of good news and events: Opening of MARIAMARIA

Maria L. Felixmüller (photography) & Maria Schumacher (paintings & collages)

Wednesday 19th March 2014 7 p.m. at Raum für Kunst Fett6

20th of March — 1st of April 2014
opening hours thu — su, 4 —7 p.m.
(and via 0163 795 34 98)
Artisttalk with Maria L. Felixmüller
at 1st of April 2014 at 7 p.m.

Raum für Kunst Fett6
Fettstraße 6, 20357 Hamburg
phone 040-4302110
S21, S31 Sternschanze, U2, U3 Schlump oder Christuskirche
(parking is very difficult)

I would be pleased to see many of YOU!
All the best Maria L. Felixmüller



Ich danke Euch allen, es war ein fantastischer wundervoller Abend!

Thank you so much! It was a wonderfull and fantastic evening!

GLORY DAYS book presentation

13th of march 7p.m.

at MZIN bookstore Kolonnadenstraße 20

afterwards celebration at 11p.m.  Reinhard Tempel